View Full Version : Colt Revolver Set for Sale- Private Party Only

07-19-2011, 3:02 PM
I have two great Colts for Sale. This will be a pp transfer only. To be done at Turner's Reseda. Buyer will pay all transfer fees at the store and have to abide by Calif law. Which is the ten day waiting period -

This is a "set" sale, I hate to let them go but times are tough.
Colt =Annaconda 44
Colt =Python 357
6" barrels

Both in good condition, 4000 obo.

Both offered in STS Stainless Steel- includes hard boxes and paperwork, both show very little use- tight lock up and little to no endplay- cylinders show faint drag line with bright bores and sharp lands and grooves.

If someone wants one and not the other I would have to charge 2k a piece due to the nature of the brand and they are not easy to find here in California. Being a former dealer, I know that the few shops left will charge you an arm and a leg to buy out of state and have them shipped in, also according to how the "list" reads this month, ppv in person is the only way to go to avoid the red tape.

Please let me know, I must liquidate some of the safe according to the wife, due to economics. More photos if you leave an email address I will send. Some out of state offers but I decided to take off gun broker and put on CAL GUNS to keep these colts in this state. I understand there are many differing prices but after being a dealer in california for years I understand the unique quality of this set.