View Full Version : WTS: GAP - precision .260 rifle ***SPF***

07-18-2011, 9:27 AM
GA Precision (GAP) precision rifle built on a trued Remington 700 action and chambered in .260Rem.

This one is a demonstrated gem, able to keep all shots in the 10 ring at 1000 yards if the shooter does his job.

The details: Remington 700 action, 24" Obermeyer barrel, 1:8 twist, fluted, McMillan A4 Edge stock in digital GAP camo, Pillar bedded, Badger M5 trigger guard, Badger 20 moa base, Badger lug, AICS magazine. I'll have to check my log, but I think I have about 600 rounds through it, maybe a little less.