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01-04-2007, 4:03 PM
So I had built my lower with the spring removed from the Prince 50 Kit and now would like to put the spring in it .
Will I be able to do this without the bolt catch interfering ?
This will be temp until the new CA Safe Range Mag Lock becomes available so the question pertains to switching that out too .

01-04-2007, 5:02 PM
All my AR rifles have the Prince50 with spring. Never had any problems.

Scarecrow Repair
01-04-2007, 5:38 PM
Will I be able to do this without the bolt catch interfering ?

Do you mean can you unscrew the mag release button without getting hung up on the bolt catch? I believe so; I don't have mine with me, but the bolt catch doesn't stick any further out than the two bumps which hold the roll pin which holds the bolt catch in place. I don't think.

01-04-2007, 5:48 PM
Well if the bolt catch assembly interfered w/ the mag catch assembly.....U couldn't put it together.......:p

Anyhow, just back off the set screw or remove it......push in button and you'll be able to unscrew the mag button, put your spring in......compress the spring while you screw the button back on......and don't scratch the bolt catch.......put your set screw back in......2 min or less and your back in the game:D

01-04-2007, 5:51 PM
Use a bic pen to push the button back in with the spring, makes it a lot easier. But yeah, there shouldn't be any problem.

01-04-2007, 6:06 PM
Thanks guys .

Santa Cruz Armory
01-04-2007, 8:32 PM
Just make sure you don't have any evil features affixed when you drop the mag. *sigh* Gawd! I love this state :mad: