View Full Version : 10% off at Del-Ton on selected products

07-17-2011, 10:28 AM
Latest issue of Shotgun News has a Del-Ton advertisement in which they offer 10% off on the "featured products." Don't know if it will work on everything on their site, but for sure on the following:

DT1030 - 20" Pre-Ban Flat Top Gov't Profile Upper Receiver (complete upper)
DT1024 - 16" Mid-length A2 Barrel Assembly (complete upper)
RKT102 - 20" Rifle Kit
RKT100 - 16" M4 Rifle Kit

They also list the following, but note that they won't ship the below to California (so for you out-of-state folks I guess):
RFTM16 - 16" M4 4 rail rifle with flip up rear sight
RFTGP20F-0 - 20" A3 Government Profile Rifle
LR102 - Complete Ar-15 Lower Receiver
LR100 - Stripped AR-15 Lower receiver

10% off Code must be applied at checkout:

07-19-2011, 3:17 PM
Great deal! Pissed I didn't find it 5hrs earlier! :mad: Although bought else where! If I get the LPK and M4 stock for $80, then I got the same deal. Gun show here I come..lol