View Full Version : L/H Alessi, Sparks holsters in L.A.

01-03-2007, 9:58 AM
The following holsters are Left Hand cowhide, black, 1.5 inch belt loops and in excellent condition. No measureable wear on external leather.

Most have been worn a maximum of 30 hours.

The mag carriers have a 1.25 inch belt loop but can be replaced with larger size. Carriers are black with smooth external finish.

Alessi CQC/S Glock 36 $100.00 SPF
Sparks VM-2 Glock 36 $100.00 Shipped
Sparks VM-2 Glock 27 $100.00 SOLD
Sparks IPS Carrier Glock 36 $40.00 Shipped, $25.00 if purchased with holster
Sparks IPS Carrier Glock 27 $40.00 Shipped, $25.00 if purchased with holster

Left Hand CompTac CTAC Slide for Glock 26,27,19,23,36 with standard 1.5 inch belt clips. LNIB worn a couple of hours. $50.00 shipped SOLD


01-05-2007, 2:54 PM
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