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07-11-2011, 3:56 PM
There's only one reason I come to Chicago: Deep dish pizza, Italian beef sandwiches, and to shoot at Northbrook Sports Club.

Located in Hainesville about an hour north of O'Hare airport, NSC is easy to get to off of the 94 toll road.

It's a private club, but if you're from out of town they'll let you shoot a round if you're an NSCA member.

Spectacular doesn't begin to describe the club. It started out as a trap and skeet club, but now features t & s, plus a two story five-stand, three sporting clays courses, and FITASC.

Richie Fresilla Jr. the club manger said, "Most clubs keep their course set pretty soft during the week, and crank it up for tournaments. We do just the opposite. We keep the Red course set really tough during the week, and actually have to soften it up for the tournaments (which are always open to non members).

He went on to say, "The Green course allows us to have the Red course".

What that means is, the Green course is the Hunter course, and the Red course is the one I was there to shoot.

NSC is hosting next year's World FITASC event. What I didn't know was they already have the targets set up for it :)

Tough doesn't begin to describe them. But here's the thing, they're tough, but not stupid. I swear everything is hittable, but I'll be damned if I could hit them. If you do well at NSC, you'll do well anywhere.

Richie makes good use of the terrain, both manmade and natural, to fool you.

Station one featured a monster teal, followed by a rocket ship L-R crosser, both set below your feet. I was shooting with a good looking guy from N. Carolina, dickgtax (the other Jewish sporting clays shooter if you're keeping score).

I stepped into station one and crushed the first pair, and I should have quit there. Then it was "lost pair, lost dead, lost pair".

Dick and I shot the rest of the club, and I did a "little" better. But as I said, one word, SPECTACULAR.

The funny thing is when I went back to shoot on Sunday, my result on station one was exactly the same. Dead pair, lost pair, lost dead, lost pair. I was able to hit the crosser pretty regularly, but I couldn't find the teal again for the life of me.

Club member and American Idol hopeful Brett S was actually in Europe with a contingent of NSC board members checking out this year's World FITASC in France. That's their level of commitment to next year's event. They want to make sure they get it right.

Don't miss this year's up coming Top 40 Pro Am in August, it's shaping up to be a great event.

If you're in the Chicago area put NSC on your schedule, you'll thank me later.

p.s. Be nice to the little girl behind the counter. That's Brett's daughter.

Actually it was a little warmer than the last time I was there. Last time they cancelled the tournament because it was too cold for the IL shooters, but not for the Hebrew Hammer.


07-11-2011, 8:55 PM
awesome, if i'm ever in chi-town have to check it out, good review!