View Full Version : Can someone clarify CCW fees

07-06-2011, 9:44 AM
What are the DOJ's fees for CCW versus the Sheriff's fees? I have read over PC 12054, and it seems to say the Sheriff must collect the DOJ's fees and forward them to the Department. In addition the Sheriff's office can add a maximum of $100.00 fee for processing, etc. Is this why my county charges $210.00 for a first time applicant?
It doesnt look like the Sheriff has to only charge $100.00 total, or am I mistaken? I often see quoted that the sheriff's are overcharging aplicants in respect to the law.

12054. (a) Each applicant for a new license or for the renewal of a license shall pay at the time of filing his or her application a fee determined by the Department of Justice not to exceed the application processing costs of the Department of Justice for the direct costs of furnishing the report required by Section 12052. After the department establishes fees sufficient to reimburse the department for processing costs, fees charged shall increase at a rate not to exceed the legislatively approved annual cost-of-living adjustments for the department's budget. The officer receiving the application and the fee shall transmit the fee, with the fingerprints if required, to the Department of Justice. The licensing authority of any city, city and county, or county may charge an additional fee in an amount equal to the actual costs for processing the application for a new license, excluding fingerprint and training costs, but in no case to exceed one hundred dollars ($100), and shall transmit the additional fee, if any, to the city, city and county, or county treasury. The first 20 percent of this additional local fee may be collected upon filing of the initial application. The balance of the fee shall be collected only upon issuance of the license.