View Full Version : WTS: FAL Starter Kit Norcal FTF $525

12-30-2006, 12:38 PM
For sale is just about everything you need to assemble a FAL rifle. Shown in the photo is an Imbel kit from Dan's ammo. Also included but not in the photo is a Century R1A1 receiver that is at my FFL in the Chico/Oroville area. This is one of the newer Century receivers of good quality. It is the "widow's peak" variety. The parts are in good overall condition. The bolt and carrier numbers match but the number on the lower is different. The bore has good rifling with some minor pitting that shouldn't affect shootability at all. The receiver stub has already been cut so removal will be easy. I am also incuding a US made mag follower and floorplate. These along with the receiver will give you 3 US parts. So all you will need is another 4 US parts of your choice and a 10rnd mag with a method of fixing it to the receiver to complete the rifle.

Since the receiver is already at my FFL ready for DROS this is for local sale only. DROS and transfer fees are buyer's responsibility.

$525 for the whole shebang