View Full Version : Troy single-point sling, black, $30

12-29-2006, 6:43 PM
Troy probably makes the best single-point sling out there. I have one, new and unused, for $30. These cost $35 plus shipping from Bravo Company, or most anywhere else.

FTF at Ade's in Orange, or I'll ship (no charge) upon receipt of a postal money order (no PayPal accepted).

I will accept a trade ONLY for a new, black, Blue Force Gear Vickers 2-point sling (and I will add cash to the trade). I am getting rid of the Troy simply because I want another Vickers sling instead, and I threw away the baggie it came in so I can't return it. If you have a black Vickers sling, I'll give you the Troy sling plus $20 cash.

No pics, please don't ask, it's just a sling, check Bravo Company for pics and info.