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06-28-2011, 8:28 AM
First off I want to thank everyone who posted there comments on my previous thread. All the opinions helped me narrow down my choices on what I wanted to get as far as a target/long range rifle. I went down to Turners the other day and looked at the Savage 10 fcp-k. It was much better than the 10fp i almost purchased last year. The accustock is much nicer and the flutted barrel and muzzle break were a nice plus. But not having shot it I would like some personal info if anyone owns one.

Second I've been looking at the Savage 12 F/TR. I am not an F class shooter nor do I shoot in competition as of now. I do plan to once I get my rifle and start hand loading. Reading reviews I cant help but want one and on top of it all it is a beutiful rifle. Do I need a single shot bolt asction .308 with a 30'' barrel? Is the longer barrel going to be less accurate at closer range? I know that the rifle is built for 600-1000 yard distances but will it also be a good shooter from 100-300 yards for practice?

So basically this is what I would like to know. Is the 10 fcp-k accurate enough? Is it pointless to spend the extra $300 to get the 12 f/tr? I wish I could find a used one locally but it seems people like their Savage rifles and/or when they do want to sell them the price is too high. I appreciate everyone's comments and all the info is great to hear.

Thanks and have a great day!

Bug Splat
06-28-2011, 2:01 PM
Of the two, I'd stick with the Savage 10 fcp-k and spend that extra $300 on a new stock later. 30 inches for a 308 is WAY too long and I really don't understand why Savage would offer such a long barrel for 223 and 308. Unless you are hell-bent in running a very slow burning powder there is nothing to gain. A 24-26 inch barrel is perfect for the 308.

To be honest, you really don't need a brake and if you are willing to go without one you can save a couple hundred bucks. Sure they look cool but they will not give you any accuracy advantage. I'd ditch it but thats just me.

Barrel fluting is also cool looking and helps lighten the rifle a bit if you plan to carry it around a lot on hunts but it offers no advantage in accuracy and is more of eye candy on bolt bench guns then a functional feature. If you plan to shoot bench or F-class heavier is better.

I like rifles with mags, either internal box or detachable. I had 3 savages that were single shots (still have 2) and they get old after a while. If you really want a single shot I'd just get a sled for the mag and leave it in. Again, this is just my opinion.

If I was building you a rifle I'd suggest a Model: 10 FP-SR ($650) with a aftermarket Bell & Carlson Medalist stock ($200) and the 308 brake of your choice to just screw on (5/8-24). This will put you around $900.