View Full Version : Looking for alternatives to the Surefire Forend

06-25-2011, 2:58 PM
For those of you ladies and fellas that don't use the Surefire fore end what do you run alternatively?

Appreciate any thoughts/suggestions

06-25-2011, 3:15 PM
CDM gear makes some nice barrel/mag clamps that would probably make a good flashlight mount.


06-25-2011, 4:31 PM
I once bought a Surefire LED forend, one of its switches did not quite work out-of-the-box. I sometimes could not turn-on the light using that switch, and the light sometimes would automatically turn-on by itself under recoil. I sent the forend back to Surefire, and they promptly refunded my money. Great company and excellent service, by the way.

After that, I swtiched to a combination of tri-rail forend and individual light (both Surefire X300 and Streamlight TLR-1s), and I have been quite happy about that. I could add or remove the light as I prefer, or could replace the light quickly in case if it were broken or malfunction. The tri-rail forend adds virtually no extra weight to the shotgun; and it provides flexible positions to mounting the light at 3-, 6-, or 9-o'clock at different distances further or closer to my fingers.

Just my personal preference.



06-25-2011, 5:23 PM
Laserlite 3 rail mount allows you to mount a handheld light at any angle.

06-26-2011, 12:06 AM
Ergo/falcon make nice forends. I use that and an off brand flash light. The flashlight (like most on the market) has a one inch tube, so I used a spare scope ring to mount it. Rock solid and cheap. Never have had issues.