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06-24-2011, 9:19 PM
A few months ago Strike Industries sent me out one of their "Patriot Pistol Grip PROs" to T&E. I tested the grip on several different AR setups, including an AR-10. Below are my impressions after testing the grip out on several occasions in varying situations.


The grip came as a majority of gun parts seem to come, in a heavy duty ziplock bag with cardboard insert containg the instruction. Strike Industries also included a muzzle cover (more on that later). My initial impression based on the packaging and first glance was good, well packaged and well organized.

Out of the package it looked good as well, I especially liked the "stars and stripes" on the grip to give it better grip. The plastic doesn't feel like a Magpul or Tango Down grip, but feels more similar to a standard A2. All of my grips have some level of stipling for extra grip and this grip is screaming for it as well, as despite the stars and stripes design it is a bit slick.

I had just put together another AR-10 that was in need of a grip so I quickly slapped it on.

I have pretty big hands, more beefy than long, so I have always favored the Magpul MIADs or MOEs over other grips. I have tried everything under the sun except for HK's grip and Stark's and have always gone back to Magpul's. This grip felt very similar to a Tango Down in terms of circumfrence and angle. For me I knew it would not fit me in the long run but decided to run it through the paces. I took it off of the AR-10 and placed on my go to AR and planned a training day.

With a trip out to BLM and a decent course setup me and a buddy started in on testing the grip (sorry no pics, we forgot the camera). I really noticed the size of the grip while shooting. It wasn't terrible but I missed my Magpul grip. My buddy has slightly smaller hands but also runs Magpul grips so he too noticed it but didn't mind it as much as I did. Again, I think it needs some work done on the grip to make it not so slick. With the heat and sweaty hands you could feel the grip torque/slide more than normal.

The grip has a built in compartment as well, similar to what you see with Magpul and Tango Down. When looking at the grip itself you'll notice that the door is a bit loose and rattles. I think a small O-ring could fix the problem as well as make it a somewhat protected from water/dust. The compartment is not gear/parts specific so you could shove whatever you can fit inside.

06-24-2011, 9:20 PM
Comparing angles: The grip has a similar angle to Magpul's but has a curve rather than the straight look of a MOE/MIAD. It also has a small finger shelf that depending on your hands will either be beneficial or obnoxious. I found it somewhat in the way when adjusting my grip slightly for mag changes or malfunfunctions. It's a definite "hook", if I planned on using it full time I'd take a fine file or sandpaper to it.

The backstrap feels very thin compared to other grips out there. There probably isn't much of a chance of the the backstrap getting caught on anything but I feel if it did it would simply break off due to the thinness of it. I can see that the design of the grip is to keep a small and thin grip so this makes sense in the design in trying to keep the grip small as possible but still allowing the user to get a higher grip.

06-24-2011, 9:22 PM

You can see how much thinner the Strike grip is compared to the MIAD, my thumb rests farther forward towards the trigger.

- Another option out there for those with smaller hands or those that simply want a smaller grip.
- Matches well with Magpul FDE (someone will care about this)
- Decent price
- Allen wrench is used rather than a flat head. (I like the allen wrencg bolts better that the flat head, they seem to last longer with less wear.)
- CA company

- The grip feels a bit more plastic than polymer. I like the polimer feels for the reasons stated above (grip primarily)
- Not made in the USA.

Decent grip for those looking for something different with a stylistic touch and for those with small hands. WOuld I place this on a duty weapon or recommend it to a someone heading downrange? Definately not, this is based on just my small testing, it may well outlast all the other grips out there, but I feel it fits better the hobby market.

06-24-2011, 9:38 PM
Like the "Patriotic" look to it but not my thing. Looks good though!:thumbsup: