View Full Version : FS: 10rd 9mm, Beretta Px4 Storm Cx4 Storm Magazine.

06-16-2011, 5:05 PM
I have (1) Beretta Magazine for a Px4 Storm, Cx4 Storm (with Px4 Magazine Well) 9mm Luger 10-Round Steel Blue. It is this exact magazine...


$28 Shipped to your Door
$20 You pick it up at my door in South Sacramento

Check or Paypal (Check preferred, but will not ship until cleared)


06-19-2011, 7:50 AM
How come shipping is $12? Did you mean $22? Give me a reasonable shipping cost and I'll take the mag. Let me know.

My shipping cost is $8 (originally 12), because that's what I want for having to find a box, drive my lazy *** to the post office, stand in line with a bunch of old people, pay for postage, drive home, then email you a delivery confirmation and tracking number and have to with either (a) pulling money from a paypal account, then wait 2 weeks for them to mail me the check, after they take a percentage out for themselves or (b) drive my lazy *** to the bank and deposit the check, hoping it won't bounce.

This is why I opt for a $8 (originally 12) increase on an item when it is shipped rather then simply having the person stop by my house, open my front door, hand it to them, exchange a few friendly words and parting ways.

In other words, gas is expensive, shipping costs money and time is valuable for a busy yet lazy individual such as myself.


06-21-2011, 2:03 PM
Is this magazine new or used?

It's used, belonged to a friend of mine who shot it about 200ish times (200rds through it, not used 200 times) before selling the gun. Cleaned out his garage the other day, found the spare he didn't sale with the gun and passed it along to me to sale. Thing looks practically brand new, but does have about 200ish rounds through it.

I tend to be the guy who everyone passes off stuff they don't want to sale or throw away to... Some of the stuff boxed up in my garage that I've gotten for free, would baffle you.. I try to turn a profit when I can. Ironically though I have personally never owned a Beretta Px4 or used this magazine, the previous owner though, did...


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09-27-2011, 11:51 AM
bump, still for sale