View Full Version : Questions for the DOJ and ATF

06-14-2011, 10:48 PM
Just ahead of the big hearings, I have a few questions for the Obama DOJ and ATF:

1) Why did you send guns into Mexico over the objections of both gun dealers and field ATF agents - at the same time as you were blaming gun dealers and our 2nd Amendment freedoms for guns going to Mexico?

2) If you wanted to track the guns to the "big fish" in Mexico, why in two years of the program did you never notify your Mexican counterparts so they could arrest the 'big fish"? What was your plan to catch the "big fish"?

3) Why should we not believe the obvious and logical conclusion, that you pumped guns into Mexico to justify more gun control here? (The first whistle blowing agent said that this was the point of the program.)

4) Why do we need more gun control (which may very well be unconstitutional) when under the current system dealers are stopping tons of illegal sales? Why does the DOJ almost never prosecute people who attempt to buy guns illegally? (To buy a gun from a dealer you have to sign a form that states you are not prohibited from owning a gun, you also have to leave your thumb print - so these cases are easily won.)

We need communicate these questions to non-gun owning friends. The conclusion is as simple as it is terrifying: The Obama DOJ was willing to see people die in order to advance gun control.

06-15-2011, 9:32 AM
The Congressmen are asking the right questions. Some are tying to show how we need to track multiple purchases of long guns to prevent this from happening. Some are missing the point of this Project.

I hope that the MSM spends a few minutes on this on the nightly news.