View Full Version : WTS: Harris bipod ultralight 1A2 9-13" - SOLD

06-14-2011, 8:22 PM
Harris bipod with a standing length of 9 to 13 inches. It use to be spray painted, but I just finished stripping it for resale. The original finish is nicked up quite a bit all around and there is some surface rust, but it fuctions perfectly. I bought a benchrest model instead, so I am getting rid of this one.

I am disclosing that the notches that hold the legs when extended out are cut back about 1/8" (as you see in the pics). This is done so the bipod legs are leaning more rearwards to help the shooter load up on the bipod more easily (like an Atlas bipod) and reduce recoil. This actually didn't make any difference because 1/8" shift isn't enough of an angle change and I ran out of room to trim the notches because of the crossbar being in the way. I was going to weld in a new crossbar to get more a more extreme angle in, but never got to the task.

Other than that, nothing else is different. I guess the value dropped, but now is a good oppertunity to get a perfectly functioning harris bipod for almost half the cost.

Link to images (http://s868.photobucket.com/albums/ab248/vpsmedeiros/harris9-13/)


06-14-2011, 8:42 PM
PM Sent