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06-12-2011, 6:26 PM
I spent Saturday as a vendor at the Hollywood Sporting Clays Invitational at Oak Tree Gun Club in Newhall. A charity event for wounded warriors. My wife and I were demonstrating and selling FrogLube, and I was able to shoot the Sporting Clays, which was an amazing course.

Fiocchi provided all of the ammo for the event. After the charity auctions, they held a 50/50 elimination Trap doubles shoot. Six 2 man teams would compete, shooting five rounds apiece. I shot with Ron Jaffe a longtime TV cameraman who works on Weeds and CSI.

The shoot was held after dark because we were using Fiocchi's new Chemical Tracer ammunition. These 12 gauge shells have 3/4 oz of #8 shot and a cell filled with Cyalume(tm) Light Technology, better know as snap lights.

This is a brand new product designed to help train shooters. While the shooter will not notice the Tracer, an observer can clearly see the 'light'.

The cell is designed to stay in the middle of the shot pattern, will travel 70 yards and remain active for 5-7 seconds.

Anyone who has ever stood next to a shotgunner, knows that it is really difficult to see where the 'pattern' is. With the Fiocci Tracer shells, you know. No more guessing, 'you were behind' or 'in front' of the bird.

Being left handed, I took the left target, Ron, the right. After 5 elimination
rounds, Ron and I won. Early on, I thought the 2 tactical trainers or 2 Vandenburg AF 'rocket men' would take it. Ron was shooting great and I was hitting 3 or 4 per 5 shots.

We were tied in the 4th round for the lead with 8/10 birds. In the final, I hit 5/5 and Ron hit 4/5. The charity got the money and we each got 1/2 case of the new Tracer shells. Check it out at www.fiocchiusa.com.

For more info on FrogLube, please go to www.utvtactical.com. Many Calguns members are using FrogLube, it replaces all of your other CLPs.

06-13-2011, 3:55 PM
ya these are a blast. didnt use them on clays but on zombie industries bleeding zombies instead. i really like them but they are pricey and there is alot of fud about them. almost everyone (Miwall, ammo bros , etc) will tell you till they are blue in the faces that they are illegal. turners had them in their add but never got them in. the only ppl who i can find that have them is LAX firing range for about $17 bucks for 10. who and some shotguns might not take them. they say they are 2 3/4 but are actually 3. they worked great in my Benelli M4