View Full Version : Rebuilds: Inch & Metric FAL, BM59, M1 Carbine, M1A, AR10, Sig 522

06-09-2011, 6:13 PM
I have the following non-inventory mags that I'd like to get rid of and I'd be happy to bust them down into rebuild kits for Calgunners! I sort of came into these so I don't know if they've been used, if there are any issues with specific mags however the person I got them from likely would have told me (or not given them to me) if they had issues. Everything is sold as is so please keep this in mind when purchasing.

Shipping by UPS ground - $9; other methods available if you require

Payment by USPS money order only

The list of stuff (click to view pic):

7 - Israeli FAL - $20ea or all seven for $130 (http://i52.tinypic.com/2wnsmtz.jpg) *Sold to OC_Gunman*
2 - Metric FAL - $20ea (http://i55.tinypic.com/5yub2b.jpg) *Sold to OC_Gunman*
2 - British (Inch) FAL - $20ea (http://i56.tinypic.com/2s67s7t.jpg) *Soldto goose*
2 - 20rd M1A (look like CMIs) - $22ea (http://i55.tinypic.com/5yub2b.jpg)
3 - Italian BM59 - $15ea or all three for $40 (can also be used w/ 62 and 69) (http://i54.tinypic.com/23jjyoj.jpg) *Sold to tomk556*
4 - M1 Carbine - $10ea or all four for $35 (http://i55.tinypic.com/ilhsmc.jpg) *Sold to ronin149*
1 - Armalite AR10 - $25 (http://i54.tinypic.com/23jjyoj.jpg)
2 - Sig Sauer AR .22LR - $20ea
1 - Black Dog AR .22LR - $20ea (http://i53.tinypic.com/vil992.jpg)

06-09-2011, 7:22 PM
I will take all 9 metric FAL mags as rebuild kits (7 izzy and 2 others).

06-14-2011, 4:41 PM
Got a few left!

06-18-2011, 9:08 PM
Still have a few kits left