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06-07-2011, 5:31 PM
Ok, so I been lurking this site for a long time. With the vast amount of information here, I have never came across a problem I couldn't figure out my self...till now.

I know I will need a Lawyer involved at some point, I just want to minimize costs and be informed of whats about to happen, so I can gather the information and paper would that can be found...if the rats didn't eat it. Oh ya, and I don't want to piss off DOJ in the process.

I have been tasked with finding out what to do with 6 rifles that my in-laws found in a condemned home they purchased last week. I am kind of interested in them, but only if i don't have to jump thur too many hoops. I glanced at them briefly on my way to work this morning, so don't know specs on them. I know if they preban AW they will be destroyed/handed over to LEO.

The situation is as follows:
Mostly likely they were bought by the father of the home, who died some 10-15 years ago, the mother died about 2 years ago, the adult son is mentally unsuitable to live on his own. The property was transferred to son after death of mother, then to sister when her brother was deemed mentally unstable. My inlaws bought the house from sister and the remaining property that she left (mostly trash). In-laws cleared out piles and piles of rat destroyed property(furniture, paperwork, car, motorcycle, clocks...ect) from the home, and in the processes came across 6 rifles.

This is where I get involved in the situation as I am the most informed about guns currently in the family ( know very little about laws, a lot about safety ).

What information should I gather before i talk to a lawyer?

Thanks in advance....

06-07-2011, 5:33 PM
Visit www.calgunsfoundation.org/hotline and contact the attorney closest to you.