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12-15-2006, 8:00 PM
I am selling a Creedmoor Sports shooting coat. It is the cordura coat, lite version (non-hardback). I am selling it because the coat was a little big for me to begin with and I lost some weight. So I bought a new coat a couple sizes down which fits me a lot better.

It is Royal Blue cordura front and back. Size 42 for a right hand shooter, standard cut. It may actually fit a size 44, as well. Note: This is refering to standard coat sizes. If you don't know your suit coat size, check on the Internet. You basically measure around your chest just under the armpits.

It has the ventilation and US flag options.

Coat has seen a bit of use, but is for the most part it good condition. A little over 1 year old. I am the original owner.

No tears or rips. There are some grease stains on the inside right sleeve from Garand shooting. The rest of the coat is pretty clean. The buyer should contact Creedmoor for proper cleaning methods. The coat cannot be machine washed or dry cleaned. Water and brushing via hand appears to be the safest way. Woolite is unknown. Again, contact Creedmoor for proper procedures.

$125 out the door, shipped or FTF. USPS MO only (or cash in FTF).

Again, I am a frequent shooter at the Inland Fish and Game. If you want to try out the coat in person, you will definitely want to meet me at the IFG range. Bring a sweatshirt so you can try on the coat with the sweatshirt on (which you should always do when wearing a coat in competition). Bring one of your competition rifles, too, since it would be a good idea to try the coat in action.

Picture gallery (8 pictures): http://www.ocabj.net/gallery/creedmoor_coat

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http://www.ocabj.net/gallery/albums/creedmoor_coat/IMG_4637.sized.jpg (http://www.ocabj.net/gallery/creedmoor_coat/IMG_4637?full=1)

12-22-2006, 10:38 AM