View Full Version : ITM Arms stripped AK47 receivers for $69.95 with free shipping

DDs Ranch
12-15-2006, 11:05 AM
We currently have ITM Arms stripped lower AK47 receivers in stock and are selling them for $69.95 with free shipping for all phone orders (you must mention this posting to receive free shipping) Our phone number is (716)684-7779

12-15-2006, 12:01 PM
What is the quality of these compared with Global or Nodak?


DDs Ranch
12-15-2006, 12:39 PM
What is the quality of these compared with Global or Nodak?

I couldn't tell you, I have never heard of Global or Nodak

12-15-2006, 2:13 PM
Not to crap on the thread, but to answer Ravenslair... given the choice between building on an NDS and building on an ITM receiver, I will take the Nodak every day of the week.

The ITM's rivet holes aren't pre-drilled, which means that while you do thus have the opportunity to perfectly position your trunion in the receiver, it's still a pain in the rear to locate and drill them.

Metallurgically, the ITM is not hardened throughout, just spot-hardened around the trigger hole areas. rssslvr and I had the joy of dealing with one with a mis-pressed rivet. The non-hardened receiver was flexible enough to dimple in, where an NDS probably wouldn't have, which meant that even after drilling the rivet back out and re-pressing it, the area where the rivet goes in was bent uneven and the second rivet wound up slanted over just like the first one.

Because they make their receivers thicker, your dust cover won't fit without some hammering and filing too.

Like I say, I'm not trying to crap on the thread here, but this is my honest opinion on the ITM's. I have to say they're my least favorite receiver to work with.