View Full Version : AAR - stone cobra tactical basic tactical shotgun

06-05-2011, 8:05 AM
before this class, i've had zero experience with shotgun tactics. my entire shotgun background has been limited to trap shooting and duck hunting. i bought myself an 18in barrel and signed up for stone cobra tactical basic tactical shotgun. i REALLY learned alot. there were a total of 6 students in the class. a friend of mine got in touch with a few of his contacts and we were able to set up a private class. Pat was the instructor, and he did an outstanding job.

what i took away most from this class was the escalation/de-escalation drills, round change-overs, shotgun/pistol transitions, and, for me, a bone stock shotgun is all i need. i thought i was going to be undergun'd with a standard wood stock, 4+1 shotgun, but in the end i realized i wouldn't change a thing.

the weather was rainy and windy. the elements made short work of our targets but we still endured. like their website says "weather doesn't dictate the fight."

for what it's worth, i highly recommend this class. i've taken multiple carbine and handgun courses and this shotgun class opened my eyes to some different tactics.

videos speak louder than words: