View Full Version : WITHDRAWN - WTS LH Safariland Competioni holster

06-04-2011, 8:57 PM
I have the following lefthanded holsters and magazine holders for sale. I know the chances are narrow (being left handed and competition oriented), but maybe these might fit your bill.

1-Safariland 009 C94 Competition holster basketweave finish
COLT COMP SC MNT 6 1/2" and 3 Safariland Adjustable magazine holders basketweave finish for MCCormick and Para Ord magazines. $60 plus ship

The Safariland fits 6 1/2" compensated 1911 style pistols and the magazine holders fit 9mm/38 Super Strayer -Tripp/Chip MCCormick and the same calibers for Para Ord high capacity magazines. These will also fit Beretta 92 mags (has adjustable tensioner) if you shoot stock.

2-Helweg Model 220A Colt .45 Competition, stock 1911 style pistols. This is an excellent speed holster for 4-6 inch barreled .45's as well as Tangfolio/CZ pistols. $15 plus ship

All are in excellent condition (used the Safariland 1x in a compettion) and priced to sell. Pm me for any questions- I'm in Long Beach.