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second amendment love
06-03-2011, 7:22 PM
I have a bike with low hours, it's still on its second set of tires, and factory tuned and maintained. Everything is original. It starts first kick, runs well, stored in doors and I need room for other toys. Comes with clean Title.

Bike is worth 950-1150 depending what zip code you check.
The only thing it needs is a new inter tube for front tire. It has a slow leak but you can test drive it for about 30 minutes before it gets too low.

I am always am looking, for an Ar-10, FN Herstal pistols 5.7, Sagia 12gage, any SBR Ar15, any tactical Mcmillan rifles, Binelie auto loaders, Glock gen 4 or newer, night vision scopes or head units <--not crap ones... ammo loaders dyes kits for 223. or 5.56 or 308 rem or 12gage .. good scopes for 600 to 1200+ yards <--don't offer crap to waste time ...

If we agree on a trade, your item must be worth at value or less. If not you would be required to pay the difference. For example if you give me your $1600 Ar10, I'll send you home with the bike and cash. If the trade is a fire arm, we would take the lower off and take it to a FFL dealer and I will pay the taxes and fees for transferred items.. I am in the San Diego area.


I'll take some pictures in the Morning and try to post them, if not just message me i can tex them to you. If you have any items for trade, post them on this tread. Please try to use pictures and specifications. Please don't just say I have an AR :mad::18:
i want to know what upper /lower /trigger/ect thanks :D

I hope this works out for some body, I am not hurting for cash, and don't need to sell, but cant justify buying any more rifles or shotguns with out getting rid of my old toys first. This bike would make a great gift or addition to your collection.

second amendment love
06-08-2011, 1:18 AM
no one wants a bike?

06-08-2011, 7:09 AM
You want ammo trades? Pm me if so.