View Full Version : WTS:Vulcan Carbon Fiber Duo Deal in Sac

12-13-2006, 4:49 PM
This sale is for the Greater Sacramento Area ONLY! Because of the cost of gas to get my truck down to the Bay Area it's not worth it to me to sell these in the East Bay or South Bay. I will consider selling them in the North Bay near Richmond, Marin, etc.

The buyer fell through on these. Here is your second chance to get your hands on these highly affordable Carbon Fiber recievers from Vulcan that fit all milspec uppers including the Bushmaster CARBON-15!

For $110 you get both of these stripped lowers! That's only $55 per lower WOW! Plus, you get the gratification of knowing that your $110 was the final bit of cash I needed to get a new hunting shotgun :D!

PLEASE NOTE: You must know a willing FFL because I don't know of any anymore because it's been some time since I purchased any OLL related gear or recievers.

12-13-2006, 6:06 PM
I'll take them. PM sent.

12-17-2006, 1:46 AM
Confirming that these are sold?
If not I will buy.
Please post sale status.