View Full Version : PORAC CCW Insurance for Retiree's

06-02-2011, 6:38 PM
I saw one thread on this, but it mentioned the availability of the insurance to LEO's here.

I was curious if any LEO's here know of anyone who used this insurance and how was the representation?

06-02-2011, 6:58 PM
I just renewed mine last week. It is not insurance, it is PORAC LDF (legal defense fund) which will give you representation (a lawyer) if you are involved in a shooting.

You have to have been a member of PORAC where you worked.

Here's a couple of links to check it out. LDF costs $58.00 per year and to be a RAM member it's about $24.00 per year. A very good deal.



I've not used it retired, but used a LDF lawyer when I worked. I don't know if they are any better than any other Lawyer, but I would think the Law firms LDF uses have Lawyers experienced in these types of incidents.

06-02-2011, 7:38 PM
Your right...not insurance, but LDF. I'm going to get it, but was just curious as to "real world" experience.

06-02-2011, 9:16 PM
I went for it, hope not to have to use it.

06-03-2011, 1:22 AM
The firm is Lackie & Demmaier in Ontario. They are pretty experienced in LE defense.

06-03-2011, 7:10 AM
The firm is Lackie & Demmaier in Ontario. They are pretty experienced in LE defense.

I didn't know the name, but Im glad it isn't Dewey, Cheatem & Howe :)

06-04-2011, 1:20 PM
I got it the first day it was offered. I feel like it's money well spent. I've never asked my homeowners insurance company if they would cover me in a shooting. I'm pretty sure I know the answer to that one - even though I'm a retired law enforcement officer (32 years) and have had the same company for 20 years. They weren't real happy about my Rottweiller. Insurance is all about risk management.
Might be a good idea for CCW's to check their liability insurance. Trust me, if you are involved in a shooting - you will be sued.

06-04-2011, 2:05 PM
If you do anything you will be sued so what's the difference?

06-04-2011, 8:51 PM
Notorious, what happened; you posted the name of that firm 7 times. Did you sit on your phone after typing that.:D

06-04-2011, 9:03 PM
I did? Didn't even notice that. Maybe they can pay me for advertising?