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12-13-2006, 6:16 AM
Hi All.

Just wanted to throw this question out to all my expert friends at calguns. Would it be reasonable to use a super sniper scope (3-24x50) on a 16" barrelled M1A such as the M1A Socom? Or, is this scope too magnified to use on it?

12-13-2006, 11:58 AM
That would be way too much scope for such a short barreled gun. IMO the SOCOM would be more at home with a red dot sight or a 1-3X long eye relief scope mounted in the forward position.

Something like this

12-13-2006, 12:06 PM
What about this.....:D

12-13-2006, 12:07 PM
The scope you have pictured is not a Super Sniper. SS only come in 10X, 16X and 20X. There is no adjustable power SS.

This is a super sniper: http://www.supersniper.com/

I also agree that a SOCOM is better fitted with a low to no power optics.

12-13-2006, 12:08 PM
BTW here's where I got the picture from if that helps.


12-13-2006, 1:57 PM
Yeah...I kinda figured it was too big. I was also considering a the Talon Scope by Horus Vision because of the way it looks and it's compact size. I'm also trying to stay away from Eotechs and Aimpoints as I already have one of each... but one of these M.F.'s costs $1000!!! Does anyone have any suggestions on something like or looks like this that costs less? Thanks in advance and thanks for everyone else's opinion about the super sniper!

12-13-2006, 2:03 PM
Are you sure that's called a 'Super Sniper' scope?

The orig Super Snipers I know of were first made for Tasco (by Hakko) and are now sold exclusively by SWFA/Riflescopes.com - they are fixed 10x, 16x or 20x scopes. They're fairly decent scopes.

Your prospective scope does appear to be one of these, and I dare say it's Chinese junk. Don't put a sh*tty scope on a decent rifle.

Save the crappy scopes for the elk hunters that group on a barn door and maybe can just manage to hit an animal at 75yds.

With the exception of the Burris 3-9X40 FullfieldII and the Bushnell Elite 3200 fixed 10X scope, there really aren't any great $200ish scopes.

It's not just about the optics but how well the mechanism stays in zero, how linear the adjustments are - for example, does 10 clicks of windage move you across 10 times the distance that 1 click does?

Get a Burris, a higher-grade Nikon, a Leupold or a Valdada.

12-13-2006, 2:45 PM
Take a look at the Burris or Leupold "Scout" scopes. They are low power, extended eye relief scopes meant to be mounted in front of the receiver.

You might also look into a "Shotgun" scope mounted on top of the receiver...

...but you know what you really want is one of these:eek:

12-13-2006, 2:46 PM
How are Elcan scopes?

12-13-2006, 4:27 PM
How are Elcan scopes?

Elcans are great. They are 3.4X and come in 223 or 308 flavors.

There is a new Elcan that flips btwn 1x and 4X (or continuosly adjustable?), and has red dot functionality at 1X. Expensive - $1200-$1400ish.

12-13-2006, 4:36 PM
I have a leupold scout scope on my socom M1A and it will get all the accuracy the gun will deliver which isnt much. Springfield only promises 4 MOA accuracy but I rang out 1.5 in at 100 yards I like having a little magnification but have more fun and am damn near as accurate with my aimpoint on it. Honestly I like shooting the irons better than anything on that gun as it aint no tackdriver. I have guns for driving tacks.

12-13-2006, 5:09 PM
I'm the same way, long-eye relief 2.5x Leupold. I originally used an Aimpoint CompML which was fine until I tried to hit targets out past 150m (the 4MOA dot obscured the target). If you chose the 16" purely for the size with the intent on using it purely as a close range weapon with maximum firepower, then a simple red-dot non-magnified optic would be ideal. A fixed 10x optic would be almost moronic to put on such a system as it would completely proclude close range shooting.