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06-01-2011, 5:22 AM
Keep writing and calling those legislators.

Help Law Enforcement Track Down Armed Criminals
Call Your Assembly Member to Support AB 809
Dear Friend,

Any day, the California State Assembly will vote on important legislation, AB 809, to help law enforcement track down armed criminals and solve gun crimes. AB 809 would require the retention of purchase and transfer records of all firearms in California.

Help us pass this important bill!

Call Your Assembly Member Now!
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"Support AB 809: Help Law Enforcement Track Down Armed Criminals and Solve Gun Crimes."

Currently, only handgun purchase and transfer records are retained by the Department of Justice (DOJ). This mandatory destruction of long gun records hampers law enforcement efforts to disarm felons, issue domestic violence warrants, and resolve gun crimes. Help us close this dangerous loophole now!

Data from the California Department of Justice shows that over half the guns recovered from armed and prohibited persons are long guns. AB 809 would require the preservation of records for long guns sold or transferred after January 1, 2013.

Please call your Assembly Member and then forward this message to your family and friends.


Paul Helmke
President, Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence

Dallas M. Stout, Psy.D.
President, California Brady Campaign Chapters

Call your Assembly member today!

06-01-2011, 8:05 AM
So, the Second Amendment community needs to contact its assemblyperson and request he or she vote against AB 809.

I just did.