View Full Version : Black Synthetic Stocks for Lever Action's?

Phil Bole
12-12-2006, 6:00 PM
Anyone know if Ramline still makes black sythetic stocks for Winchester Model 94 "Trappers"????

All my firearms are black and I really want to be the only one on my block with a black stocked lever action :)

I know they make them for Marlin 30/30's
I really want one for a .44 Mag or .45 LC

I may buy a used Model 94 Trapper if the Ramline stocks are still available
I'm worried that Ramline is going (has) stopped producing these because they no longer make Model 94's

Any help/info appreciated

P.A. Bole
Goleta Love All.............

12-12-2006, 6:56 PM
It's still listed on their website... model #94005.


Wait---- I guess that page above is only a retailer.. I was fooled. But it looks like they have them available.

OK, here's Ram-Line's site. They're still on the list.. at the bottom: http://www.ram-line.com/rifle.aspx