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12-12-2006, 11:11 AM
First I'll take it rules...please confirm with email to bdgfate@yahoo.com. I accept C&Rs as well as 01 FFLs. Local, southern California buyers can arrange a FTF if desired without CA DROS/transfer fees.

K98 Mauser bcd4 5 digit serial number (1945 production), original condition/not a Russian capture. All swastikas present. Mostly "correct." Some mismatched serial numbers (many parts are unnumbered), but this one has been together a very long time. Metal parts have similar patina. Many phosphate parts including barrel, receiver, trigger, trigger guard, bands, bandspring. Many "1" marked parts. Prominent lands, good muzzle, but bore is a little dark/frosted. Small CAI import mark on end of barrel and faint importer added SN on receiver (old style, not dot matrix).

Bolt handle, extractor, ring: WaA 280 SN 1906d
Cocking piece, shroud, safety all unnumbered. WaA 1 on cocking piece.
Firing pin sn 8788, WaA 63
Bolt release, sn scrubbed. No sn.
Floorplate: Stamped phosphate, "qnr"
Triggerguard: Milled phosphate, no serial number, has "d"
Action screws, one numbered 02, the other 46 with WaA280. Includes capture screws.
Follower: Milled, stamped with "1"
Front band: Phosphate, stamped, late war. Unnumbered
Bayonet lug: unnumbered
Band spring: phosphate, milled, unnumbered
Rear band: phosphate, milled, has the WaA "1", SN 22 52
Rear sight base: phosphate, has "i"
Elevation ramp: phosphate, "i"
Spring: blued, "i"
Rear sight group: WaA 655, SN 4345, blued
Buttplate: brg, unnumbered
Stock: laminate, red glue, unsanded (unmessed with finish too), no RC marks/extra serial numbers, WaA 135. Has unusual "KIN 22" disk below take down donut. Also seen on two Finnish rifles in the gunboards forum. Meaning, unknown. No major cracks or flaws. Serial numbers on stock/handguard do not match, but the coloring is the same and numerous wear marks line up...been together a long time too. I recall when I took off the buttplate, it has a red coating with a black swastika ink stamp. The stock itself is marked 42 or 43 under the buttplate (I don't recall).

Contact bdgfate@yahoo.com
Additional photos available at: http://www.gunboards.com/forums/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=198980


12-16-2006, 9:10 AM
Price reduction and BTT.

12-16-2006, 11:39 AM
Rifle is Sold Pending Funds to C.R.