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05-29-2011, 7:27 PM
Hi i read you need a sling for appleseed. Will this one work?


I have mini14, it has 1 inch rings. I read on perfect union m1 carbine slings work well for 1 inch.

05-29-2011, 8:09 PM
It'll work but you can do better.

The M1 Carbine sling is designed to work with one swivel in front, but loop around the oiler in the back... on the actual Carbine the front swivel is on the side of the forearm instead of below it. Shooting a Carbine from prone, which is about 75% of what we do in Appleseed, is difficult. The Carbine is essentially an early Personal Defense Weapon, and its sling is for carrying, marginal for shooting.

If you put this sling on a normal rifle with normal sling swivels, you can use it as a Hasty sling -- assuming it's long enough. The Carbine sling is pretty short.

There is a way to jigger an M1 Carbine sling into a loop sling, but it's kind of a pain and not obvious. I rarely bother to do this with my Carbine.

The best solution, which costs about $20 total, is to replace the 1 inch rings with swivel studs and 1-1/4" swivels ($8.44 from the vendor you mentioned), then get a regular M1 GI sling (not Carbine sling, think Garand) ($14.97 at that vendor, but you can find them as cheap as $8 -- I buy them in bulk from CMP). This is what I eventually did to my Marlin 70, which came stock with fixed 1" rings. Pretty much any other route you go, eventually you will get fed up with it and wonder why you didn't just do this in the first place.

Next best, a little bit fancier, is to find an M1917-style sling for 1" rings. I have an old Uncle Mike's that meets this description but I haven't seen any for a while. There appears to be one at your vendor (here (http://www.cheaperthandirt.com/87049-1.html)) for $31.

Third, the lazy way, is get an M1 Garand sling and don't actually attach it to the rifle. Instead make a 1-1/4" ring for it (zip tie will work), and then zip-tie that ring to the rifle's 1" ring. Look hokey but it works. I've done this as a field expedient for many students at Appleseed.

Hope that helps.