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05-28-2011, 4:35 PM
So I picked up a NIB Sidewinder Kit + some spare used mags. You can read my review here.


However I got laid off on Friday so I am thinking I need to recoup some cost now. I have to admit I got sucked in by the cool factor on this and probably paid a bit too much for all of this.

I am only asking $400 for the kit + extra drum + extra box mag. All in all this kit only has about 100 rounds through it.

I can accept paypal or postal money order. If you want the Plastic package it will cost some extra to ship it. Without the package I can cover shipping with the purchase. I will ship the following

The full kit including instructions
One Extra Drum Mag
One Extra Box Mag



Johnny Lee
05-28-2011, 6:15 PM
Pm sent

05-29-2011, 3:11 AM
Got several PMs and all are answered.

Just as an FYI I was asked about price and location. I originally paid $400 for the kit and then a few hundred more for the extra mags. So basically I am selling the kit at the original price I paid for it and tossing in the spare mags for free. Orginally the mags went for 40 and 100 bucks so even at orginal price that is a pretty good deal.

Some people asked about location so they could check the item out unfortunately I live out of state.

I will give you my guarantee that the conversion kit is in full working order as is the stick mag and the brand new drum mag. I personally put 100 rounds through the kit and both the drums and the stick mag. One of the drum mags did stick on me while using it and I ejected it pressed down on the round and it popped back up again. I spoke with a gunsmith friend of mine and he said it needed to be cleaned.

I am covering shipping anywhere in CONUS without the plastic package. If you want the package I would have to ask more to ship it do to the size of it.

The complete kit is

Mag Well
Action Key
Reaming Tool
Barrel Brace
One Drum Mag with 40 rounds through it
One Drum Mag I bought used with 40 rounds that I put through it orginal round count is unknown
One Stick mag with 20 rounds I put through it orginal round count is unknown

It says ont he package it fits a mossberg 500, 590, and a maverick 88 but I only personally put it on and used it with a mossberg 500.

Check out my review if you already have not


It was very honest about the pros and cons of this kit. I really do love it but the job thing came out of nowhere so I gotta get back some of the money I spent in the last few weeks. That means I had to cancel my Saiga 12 order as well. :(

I was also asked about trades I really just need to recoup the cash right now but if anyone had some decent 10/22 tactical extras we could talk about trades.

05-29-2011, 3:34 PM
Sold pending payment