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05-27-2011, 2:59 PM
I know some of you guys like Rock River Armory lowers and I just found a shop in Ontario that has some in stock.

Good news So. Cal. While reading a different thread this morning I found out about a gun shop in Ontario. The heart of the Inland Empire and pretty easy to get to from LA, Orange and San Diego counties.

The shop is called Cal-Arms. They are located at:

4451 Ontario Mills Parkway
Suite F
Ontario, CA. 91764

Why I am I so excited about them you ask?

Well I want in and spoke with David Strait; the owner, today. They are a Type 07 FFL and will do Single Shot Conversion for people as requested. We didn't get in to any pricing but David assured me that he is very into customer service. And, I did get that feeling from him.

He also said that he would receive Single Shot Exempt guns for transfer if you found one at a different dealer. He is also up on the IntraFamliar transfer and understands that they are roster exempt and would be happy to receive all of your off-roster gifts from your parent/child/grandparent in other states. And, speaking about transfers. He has a very reasonable transfer fee. Only $65.00 and that includes the DROS fee.

David is former LEO and also runs a Private Investigation business.

When you go looking for his shop be sure to look for a business called "Spy Gear". They can't put up any signs at their location about guns so they also run this business from the same location.

OK, So Cal lets go get some guns.