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05-27-2011, 11:22 AM
Write, email, or call your Senator and spread the word to fellow firearms owners and sportsmen. Don’t forget that you can email your Senator, Assembly Member, and committee members by clicking here (http://www.leginfo.ca.gov/yourleg.html).

SB 610 – License to Carry a Concealed Firearm
(CRPA Position: Support)
SB 610 requires that applicants for a license to carry a concealed handgun would not be required to pay for any training courses prior to a determination of good cause being made. The bill would also provide that no applicant would be required to obtain liability insurance as a condition of the license and that the licensing authority must make the determination of good cause within 90 days of submittal of the application. CRPA and NRA support SB 610. Contact your Senator and urge a YES vote on SB 610.

SB 124 – Expansion of Handgun Ammunition Definition
(CRPA Position: Oppose)
SB 124, introduced by Senator de Leon, would expand the definition of handgun ammunition to include most rifle cartridges, require registration of ammunition purchases, and would halt mail order sales of ammunition. Besides the registration and mail order issues with this bill, a major concern with this legislation is that it could reclassify non-lead ammunition as "armor piercing” ammunition. It is currently a felony to possess armor piercing ammunition. As you may know, non-lead ammunition is required when hunting in the California condor zone. If this bill were to pass it would halt hunting in the condor zone. Contact your Senator and urge a NO vote on SB 124.

AB 809 – Rifle and Shotgun Registration
(CRPA Position: Oppose)
AB 809 was reintroduced this year by Assembly Member Feuer in an attempt to require registration of all newly acquired rifles and shotguns, similar to the required registration of handguns. This is another form of AB 1810 which you may recall was defeated last year. Contact your Senator and urge a NO vote on AB 809.

SB 798 – BB and Pellet Gun Coloration
(CRPA Position: Oppose)
SB 798 would require that the entire exterior surface of BB and pellet guns be manufactured in bright colors as are toy guns (i.e., white, bright orange, bright red, bright green, bright blue, bright yellow, bright pink, or bright purple). The bill is a concern to BB and pellet gun dealers, manufacturers, and purchasers. The question looms as to whether it would be cost effective for manufactures to produce BB and pellet guns to meet the California coloration requirements. SB 798 provides for BB and pellet guns to be treated as an imitation firearm. Please stay vigilant on this bill. Contact your Senator urge them to say NO to SB 798.

AB 144 – Ban on Open Carry of Unloaded Handguns
(CRPA Position: Oppose)
AB 144 authored by Assembly Member Portantino is a remake of last year’s AB 1934. AB 1934 was introduced by Assembly Member Saldana and to the relief of firearms owners was defeated on the last night of the legislative session. AB 144 would again prohibit the open carry of an unloaded handgun in most public places. Just like last year, this bill concerns gun owners and sportsmen. It leaves no option for self-protection especially in counties where it is impossible to obtain a license to carry a concealed handgun. The bill does not take into account public and private lands used by the public for outdoor recreation purposes. Hunters, fishermen, hikers, campers, and others would not be able to openly carry a handgun while recreating on vast tracts of public land and would be at risk in remote areas with no means to protect themselves. Many remote areas do not have cell phone coverage making it impossible to call for law enforcement help. Even if a person were able to call for help, the time for law enforcement to respond would be too long to be of any assistance. People need the option to carry a handgun for self-defense, and AB 144 takes all options away. Help stop this bill now. Urge your Senator vote NO on AB 144.