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12-09-2006, 10:57 PM
Orange Pawn Shop was audited by ATF back in October. Has anyone heard how it went?

12-10-2006, 3:07 PM
Not a clue.........

But if they're still open & selling guns it musta went somewhat Ok at least;)

12-10-2006, 3:15 PM
This is part of the fairly recent and but now customary war-on-FFLs by BATF.

BATF operations mgmt feels they don't get enough funding/staffing: they're thus using a GSA audit as basis to try to reduce the number of FFLs to correspond to their staffing level. That way they can say they're trying to do a better job.

So ATF uses minor errors in 4473s, etc. as grounds for licenses being pulled or denied renewal.

Didja forget to check that box on the 4473 that says you weren't a wife-beater? If it doesn't get caught elsewhere by owner, and is found in an audit, that 4473 can be regarded (for licensure purposes) as incomplete and therefore the sale to you can be regarded as invalid. Enough of those and your FFL is in jeapordy.

That's what happened to Trader's in San Leandro. Traders did not illegally sell 1700+ unpapered guns out the back door. There were 20+ years' worth of guns that had some minor clerical errors. Perhaps one or two got stolen by employees, shoplifters, or in a paperwork shuffle between their distribution side (wholesaler to other dealers) and their retail sales side. Others likely got 'lost' via data entry errors. Many of those got resolved, but they were a victim of a more casual era (70s/early 80s) being now held against them.

Help your FFL and don't rush thru your 4473 or DROS paperwork. Use some care.

Quite a few greater bay area gun dealers are having "old" issues being brought up in this war. Already some small shops have lost their license.

I think if I were an FFL dealer, I'd call in the ATF every quarter to look over my books and have 'em give me a written thumbs up.
I'd self-audit every month, and every year or two I'd shut down my biz + FFL and come up under another name - turning in and 'clearning' my old books to Landover, MD.

12-10-2006, 3:58 PM
My FFL just got inspected by CA DOJ and BATF they said.

I have no idea why, makes yah wonder tho :)