View Full Version : Kudos for Solar Tactical. Keeping me sane when I am in the state!

05-26-2011, 2:29 PM
Though I am retired California LEO,I currently live in Mississippi. I get to have real weapons. I do spend a lot of time back in California, and in fact will be moving back permanently in the next year (Got to be around the grandkids). With this in mind, I wanted to bring my AK back, but didn't want to mess with a rad-lock.

I picked up a Solar Tactical Kydex paddle to use on the AK when I came to California, since I have legal pre-ban mags I had in the state (I actually used to have a registered AK and AR back in the day). It worked great. I liked it so much, I picked up another for one of my AR builds, so I can use my pre-bans with it. It works great also. I find I can shoot my featureless build just as well as with a pistol grip. I also prefer it to a MMG, because it allows me to pull it in tighter to the shoulder than the MMG, and feels a little more naturally. Hats of to Solar tactical.

I put a bullet button and 10 rounder on my GAU-5AA (Commando W/O forward assist) because I wanted the collapsible stock and XM177FH.

My evil armory includes:
1) 603/XM16E1 retro AR with pre-bans (featureless)
2) Kel-Tec SU-16CA with pre-bans (featureless.. my main go-to weapon right now)
3) USGI Inland M-1 Carbine with pre-bans (featureless, of course)
4) JD Machine lower with a 16" GAU-5A/A build (bullet button and 10 rounders)
5) Remington 870 Express 20" rifled w/ RS

For those who would say "can't bring the mags back in - WRONG. The PC is clear that if I possessed them when I lived in the state before the ban, I can bring them back in. It is no different then taking them out to shoot in Nevada.:D