View Full Version : ROK Straps for securing your 'stuff;

05-26-2011, 11:16 AM
UTV Tactical sells ROK Straps, the strongest, most versatile stretch straps on the market. Most people hate 'bungee' straps because you never have the right size, they don't last, and they are dangerous when they break.

ROK Straps are different. We have fixed length and adjustable straps up to 15 feet long, that will last 6 times longer than an average bungee strap. They are available with hooks or loops to secure around roll bars and roof racks. The adjustable straps will never loosen up. Made of solid rubber.

ROK Straps has small 'Pack' Straps for securing loads to backpacks, handlebars and luggage carriers. Their 'Cruiser' Straps are the number one selling tie downs for securing items to motorcyles, quads and UTVs.

ROK Straps are great for securing Pelican type hard cases and gun bags in truck beds and in SUVs. ROK Straps also makes stretch dog leashes, that help walk dogs that 'pull'. They can be seen and purchased at www.utvtactical.com, Santee Street Fair and Costa Mesa Gun Show.

05-30-2011, 7:02 PM
I use these things all the time on my motorcycles, they work really well and last a long time. :thumbsup: