View Full Version : WTS: Jim Owens scope stand (with mods)

12-09-2006, 10:37 AM
I'm selling a Jim Owens scope stand as seen/sold on the jarheadtop.com website -- http://www.jarheadtop.com/stand_photos.html.

This isn't the best scope stand for highpower competition, but it is a decent stand and will get anyone up and running in highpower. The retail price through jarheadtop.com is $125 + $10 shipping.

I'm going to sell this for $70 shipped. Paypal or USPS MO.

I made two modifications to this stand. See all pictures here: http://www.ocabj.net/gallery/owens_stand_fs

The first modification is a pin placed through the top segment and the arm for the scope mount. This keeps the arm from coming off the top segment, which it tended to do before I pinned it.


The second modification was to place three screws into the threaded sleeve that allows the 2.5lb weight to be threaded onto the bottom of the scope stand. This is because the threaded sleeve would also pop out off the bottom segment of the stand as well prior to this modification.


If you need to see how the scope stand looks in action, check out the above link to the jarheadtop.com or go to my gallery to see it with a Kowa 661 mounted on it: http://www.ocabj.net/gallery/kowa_661_rig

12-09-2006, 11:06 AM