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12-09-2006, 9:15 AM
I'm looking to sell one of my Mosin Nagant M38s.

Pictures (12 total): http://www.ocabj.net/gallery/mosin_m38

This is a Russian Mosin Nagant M38 rifle. Serial #: 38-4046. The import stamp is "Aztec Ocala FL". I bought a pair of these from Aztec International a couple years ago when they still sold rifles.

Barrel is marked with the standard Soviet crest and dated 1943. The barrel shank is numbered 3600 and the bolt and magazine/trigger group floorplate are both stamped 3600.

Barrel has not been counterbored. The rifle has the actual M38 stock, not an M48 retrofitted to the M38 (no bayonet channel).

This rifle is pretty much clean of cosmoline. I didn't have to clean them when I bought them. Aztec was famous for selling Mosins clean of cosmoline.

Rifling is strong and bore is shiny. There shouldn't be any rust. Muzzle/crown should have no damage.

I am the original owner (purchased from Aztec). I put less than 50 rounds through this specific rifle and they were all handloads, but there is no telling how many rounds went through it since WWII.

Asking $125 in a FTF transaction. My requirement for a FTF transaction is that the buyer provide proof of age and give me an address for my C&R bound book (driver's license, valid US passport, or a C&R FFL are all fine). I'll ship for $10, but will require either a 01 or 03 FFL.

Here are a few pics from the gallery (see link above):

http://www.ocabj.net/gallery/albums/mosin_m38/IMG_4588.sized.jpg (http://www.ocabj.net/gallery/mosin_m38)

http://www.ocabj.net/gallery/albums/mosin_m38/IMG_4592.sized.jpg (http://www.ocabj.net/gallery/mosin_m38)

http://www.ocabj.net/gallery/albums/mosin_m38/IMG_4596.sized.jpg (http://www.ocabj.net/gallery/mosin_m38)

12-09-2006, 3:04 PM
Sold pending FTF transaction

12-09-2006, 6:18 PM
Well that didn't take long did it.