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Sgt. Slaughter
05-25-2011, 3:02 PM
I have my bone stock 7.62 Saiga and all the conversion parts from Carolina Shooters. I am thinking about having Enterprise arms do the conversion for me. I am going with the wood furniture and Russian bakelite grip. I really want this first AK build of mine to look nice. My friend and I have spent quite a bit of time ordering Russian hand guards with the palm swell,TULA rebuild kit and a few other goodies straight out of RF.

I am hung up on the muzzle brake. I really want a standard akm slant muzzle brake to match an the ak platform I'm trying to achieve. My options are buy a new front sight (with oversized threading on it like the ones below) and put an AK74 style brake on, or, thread the barrel and put on a slant brake. The thing with leaving the original front sight on is there is no bayo lug so I won't be able to put a cleaning rod under there. Just want this thing to be as puss as possible, and don't like the ak74 brake look. Does anyone know if a standard akm front sight will fit on my saiga barrel? Also the only ones I can find are beat to sh*t or w/o a bayo lug. What are your thoughts? Should I go with the 74 style brake, or screw the cleaning rod and get over it? Should I lay off the wiff and just say good enough?

Thanks for the look guys, Just asking because I haven't seen a Saiga conversion with a slant style brake on it in the gallery or I would have Pm'd.
Thank you,

Sgt. Slaughter

Oversized threading..

05-25-2011, 6:10 PM
I had my barrel threaded so my choice of muzzle device was nearly endless.

Didn't bother with the cleaning rod, wasnt concerned with authenticity.