View Full Version : 2x Oneida Limited Garand Bayonets..

05-25-2011, 9:11 AM
I've got a couple of Oneida Limited Garand bayonets, 10", uncut, fully functional, and in great shape for a 1943 manufacture date. One has a black bakelite grip, one has a brown bakelite grip. Grips on both blades have no cracks/chips and are in great shape. The locking mechanisms on both work as designed. Finish on both is good+. No chips or cracks or excessive wear on the blades, I'm sure you could hone a nice edge on either and cut yourself pretty good.

The scabbards on both are in great shape too. Pretty sure its original od green paint.

Now the bad:

One has a crack in the hilt, but this thing was drop forged, so its still really solid. The hilt on this one is a bit loose as well, not falling off by any means, but its wiggles around a little.

Asking $300 for the one without the crack.

Asking $275 for the one with the crack.

See pics below: