View Full Version : New AR15 20" spr, range report with a magpul non-free float handguard.

05-24-2011, 4:28 PM
hey guys! I just finished my ar15 20" spr and took it out to the range and I thought i'd post some photos and a brief report, so here it is :


set up:
BCM Ionbond stainless steel 20inch barrel 1/8
YHM folding front sight.
Magpul rifle length hand guard.
harris knock off $20 bipod.
BCM upper and bolt.
Magpul ctr stock.
Leupold Mark AR 3x9 with mil dot and burris mount.
spikes tactical heavy buffer.

Had a few feeding problems, which i think was due to the gas block not being perfectly aligned and the bcg wasn't cleaned fully and was sticking.
symptons were:
Failure to eject shell entirely
bolt not locking back
not catching another round after ejecting spent shell.( eject the fired round and then just a click, with an empty chamber)

I think it's due to the gas block. if you guys have any ideas i'd love to hear them.

Put it on paper at 25yards and it was great.

put it on paper out at 100yards got some couple moa inch groups.

But then!

with the 77grain Hornady bthp trainning ammo,

shot a 1/2 moa group at 100 yards.

which with a $40 magpul non freefloat handguard and an even cheaper bipod i thought would be impossible! that magpul handguard is pretty nice, cheap, light, durable. like everything magpul makes.

Also! after that we shot the steels, was hitting out to 500 yards repeatedly. It was pretty awesome to see through the spotting scope the bullets vapor trail curve and strike the steel.

But yeah, i'm sure the barrel helped alot!

this was at angeles range this last sunday btw.


05-24-2011, 4:34 PM
Did you assemble the upper on your own?

05-24-2011, 4:39 PM
yep. built the whole thing over a few months. It's a clamp on the bottom gas block, and i think when i screwed it on it shifted to the side.