View Full Version : What To Buy FN SPR A5M or Kimber advanced TAC

05-24-2011, 6:55 AM
can not decide on waht to but in a bolt action .308. I am looking at FN SPR A5M in .308 with 24 in barrel and DBM, or Kimber advanced tactical .308. Let me know your thoughts.

05-24-2011, 8:12 PM
I know of at least two of us on here have Kimber 8400 Tacticals, but not the Advanced. The only difference being the MCM A5-adj and Kimpro finish. That being said, my 8400 is very accurate.

Here is a pic of what it can do with 155 Lapuas(x5). I was playing with seating depth during load development. .020'' jump at the center and progressing closer to the lands in .005'' increments ordered clockwise (This is also a good example of what jump to the lands can do). Fliers can be attributed to your's truly so I reshot the top right group.

However, I settled on 155 SMK Palmas because, well, they shot better. (both groups are 5 rounds...with a flier :mad:) :D

I have never handled or shot an FN SPR so I have nothing to say on that matter. Additionally, remember that every rifle is different. My results may not be repeatable by a different rifle of the same model.