View Full Version : Non-A2 buttstock to fit MonsterMan grip?

12-07-2006, 2:21 PM
I'm building a left handed, flat top open sighted rifle (Stag 2HL, the M4 type) and want to get a buttstock that would be different than the standard A2 but still work with a MonsterMan grip.

Anyone have any ideas or pictures?

12-07-2006, 2:26 PM
I think there are some pics on this site with the MMG and an ACE stock. Would probably work with a non-telescoping (fixed) M4 stock. MonsterMan only recommends the use of the MMG with the A2.

12-07-2006, 2:37 PM
I recommend the standard A2 stock because it is not going to be easily confused with a telescoping stock. Also the grip is designed to fit up against the A2. A fixed telescoping stock or an ACE stock will work. It may look a little funny, but that is it. You can't get the web below the line even with these other stocks. The "fin" is too high and wont allow you to grasp it with the web below the line. I just recommend the standard stock so some officer who is looking at your rifle will not question it's legality. I figured it was the safest way to config.

There is a "entry" stock that is shorter than the A2 stock. You have to adjust the mmg to fit it only slightly.

Now the AK MMG is a different story. The way the grip slants in the back so it can fit the AK stock would let someone hold it in a way that the web would be below the line if they had it on a underfolder style rifle. That is why I ask the AK's to use standard stocks or modify the grip to not allow the hand to hold it with the web below the line. The standard stock is truly the best way to go if you are using the AK MMG.


12-07-2006, 4:53 PM
The top rifle is my girlfriend's entry stock, with a filed down Monsterman grip installed.


12-07-2006, 5:48 PM
I have two Monsterman builds. One is a varmint rifle and has the Magpul PRS stock:
I tell you, something that heavy was a joke to lever open every ten rounds, the Monsterman made it much easier to use. The stock does have a 1 inch adjustable butpad, but the stock itself does not collapse or telescope.

The other is a build with the lightweight barreled CMMG upper and the A1 length Vltor rifle stock:

Now before anybody mentions the 'thumbholes', the square one is now plugged with epoxy, and the round one now has a sling stud and sling in it. The rest are way too small and far from the hand. I did have to dremmel the Monsterman some to fit the contour of the stock. I also had to remove the CMMG flashhider and install the brake you see in the photo.