View Full Version : Ammo questions

05-22-2011, 11:45 PM
Ok, so I know everyone likes various brands, reloads, etc. My questions:

1. What ammo do you stay away from no matter what?

2. What is your "go to" load for bulk?

3. What is your favorite to shoot?

List brand, caliber/grain, and what you're shooting it out of. I buy most of mine off of http://www.ammoman.com, sometimes from Cabelas. For pistol range ammo I like Blazer stuff, it's cheap and relatively clean and never gives me problems. Winchester brass works well also. For .308, I've only shot some Wolf stuff out of my Remington 700, but no issues with it so far. 5.56 I shoot Winchester as well, but looking at some 62 grain Federal green tips. There's a decent deal up on "Prvi Partizan" stuff on Ammoman, but I don't know if I trust it. What're your guys thoughts?

edit - ooops, thought I was posting this in the ammo forum...happens when you have multiple tabs open. Mods please move if you could.