View Full Version : WTT: State-of-the-Art, iPod Shuffle, 1g, NIB for your worthless crap

12-07-2006, 10:11 AM
Thatís correct, I have the very latest iPod Shuffle, new-in-box, never been used sitting in the Los Angeles area.


This would make an ideal Holiday gift for your slacker nephew. Or wrap it up and put it in your girlfriendís stocking. Let her pull it out after she gets her ďrealĒ gifts. Itís literally just a bit bigger than a quarter and weighs less than half an ounce. Perfect for her Stairmaster sessions. Works on PC or Mac.

It retails for $79 but since I am willing to trade, it will cost you virtually nothing. What do I want to trade? What do you have thatís sitting in a dusty box in the garage? You know, the one your wife keeps tripping over and wants you to throw out anyway. What useless crap do you have that you could convert to a childís smile on Christmas morning?

Hereís what Iím looking for:

Mini 14 magazine components.
Yeah I know. No one uses a Mini except A-Team wannabees and loser girly-men who canít handle a real weapon. Guilty on both charges. So get your Ruger factory 20 or 30 round mags or your Thermold (D&D Inc) 30 rounders and trade me so I can rebuild my mags that donít work any more.

AR components.
I have a bare receiver and donít know what it needs. You tell me. Lower kits, lights, sights, trigger groups, the complete upper, whatever.

Glock 19 stuff
My Glockís afraid of the dark! It needs Big Dot tritiums. If you hate yours, trade them for hours of listening pleasure.

It will be complete when it has a high quality/visibility follower and night sights with ghost ring.

Other Useless Crap
Flashlights, knives, tasers, sharp sticks, etc. Basically anything that I can hurt or scare someone with will be considered.

If you have something worth big bux and you know the iPod retails for $79, I will consider throwing in George Washingtons, Lincolns or even Jacksons to make up the difference. Clean out your garage and make me an offer!

12-07-2006, 11:39 AM
pm sent