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05-22-2011, 8:56 AM
Heres where Im at in life
Im still pretty young and each paycheck is around $500 :o
hopefully this summer I will be able to pick up more hours
while it would be nice to have something built the way I want it I dont think thats going to be possible
I did recently get into reloading so I have a more open mind to calibers but nothing too crazy

That ageless battle I was talking about
Savage VS Remington
the battle of the bolt guns

please lets not get this thing canned if it gets too heated

Im trying to get a rifle that can do it all I do realize thats a tough task

My goal is light enough and capable of eventually a day in the field of hunting
yet steady enough for a day of long range targets at the range
I dont want a bench/range only gun and I dont want just a hunting rifle

for the hunting Im thinking from coyote through deer with the correct bullet selection of course

I have not been hunting other than squirrels on a hazelnut orchard
I consider that pest elimination :43:

but do want to try hunting for larger critters

Im able wanting it in a low-mid recoiling caliber
Im thinking less is more at least for me with recoil
Im pretty skinny and dont want to be in pain for the next week after a day at the range
6'2" at 150lbs :cool:
Im thinking .308 is about max on the recoil I am wanting for this rifle
even with .308 Im questioning that idea with the recoil
I realize a heavier gun soaks up more recoil but if Im wanting to hunt I can bring a bench gun

It seems like for my needs a .260 Rem would be very well suited

I was sent this by a buddy on rimfirecentral

I do realize you can down load larger calibers but seems kinda counter productive

It seems like the reports on the Savage product have been rather conflicting
with some people saying its a great bang for your buck and others saying hell no stay away get a 700 and get over it

one the main critism's I have heard against the Savage is the issue of the barrel
with some people saying thing shoots lights out GO FOR IT or others having horrible consistency issues

From what I have read it appears that the Savage product in the last 20ish yrs has come along ways from what it use to be

I have also read how some of the Remington products have been slipping in quality

It seems like another problems I have with the Remingtons is finding a 700 that fits my needs
It seems like its either hunting or target

with the Remington it would be most likely in .308
It really is pretty stupid of Remington to put their name on the .260 Rem
which is moden cartridge in commercial/factory options yet not chamber guns in it or at least selection of them

Here is the model of Savage I thinking it would be in .260 Remington
heres that Savage from Budsgunshop complete with random front folding grip:D

I have been able to hold one of these before it was in .223
I would imagine not that much would be different between the two of them other than caliber
though it is a 2" shorter barrel on the 223

For the budget Im thinking about $1000ish for just the rifle
I am fine with either new or preowned as we call them in the dealership world:rolleyes:
I dont want buyers remorse on going too low yet at the same time I cant break the bank

Im still really leaning towards the Savage
though Im hearing from alot from people get a 700 and be over with it

please let me know your thoughts on the subject

Thank you for reading my long winded post
Joseph Kearns

05-22-2011, 11:48 AM
The savage rifles are excellent and do not let anyone tell you differently. Rem is good but cost more and their QC has been spotty lately. Tikka and Vanguard are also excellent. The 260 cartridge is an updated 6.5X55 and both are excellent. Mild recoil and suitable for all of what you are listing as well as elk/moose. It is a very popular cartridge(6.5X55) for big game in Europe. I have all the rifle brands listed and the last 2 I bought were Tikka. I also have many different cartridge chamberings and really like the 6.5X55. The 7mm-08 is another good one or a 257Roberts. The 308 is good and mil surplus is easy to get. Since you reload you will not need to worry about the local shop having the ammo in stock.

Snapping Twig
05-22-2011, 12:14 PM
The .260 is an outstanding cartridge! Very nice selection and I'd venture to say that the only reason you'd ever need to get a different caliber would be because you want to get one, not that you'd need it.

You really owe it to yourself to check out a CZ rifle. They are well made, accurate and under priced.

Nothing wrong with a Savage, but look at a CZ before you commit.

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05-22-2011, 8:52 PM
Sounds like a .243 is perfect

05-22-2011, 9:09 PM
You basically sold yourself on 308 its a great round and selection is huge. As for savage i just sold my savage edge it was a nice lightweight rifle with good accuracy. But one question here 6'2 and 150lbs I'm 5'11 @ 160 thought i was thin lol good luck thpugh bud and get a good scope with ypur 300 dollar savage