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05-21-2011, 11:29 PM
Im looking at the Armalite 16" AR upper chambered in 7.62x39, Ive read about the extractor issues, magazine problems, the modified bolt and firing pin... If you have or had a 7.62 upper what issues did you run into...the stopping power at 200 meters is my main interest, really the cheap ammo is my concern.

05-22-2011, 1:49 AM
I have no issues with either of mine. One is a Model1Sales, the other was put together out of random parts found on ARFCOM & CGN. I'm using the same BCG in both of mine which is a standard carrier with an MGI enhanced bolt and I use C-Products 30rd magazines that function fine.

I have a friend who dealt with broken extractor issues, light primer strikes, and feeding issues. He's using Colt 10rd mags, my Cproducts mags don't feed well in his gun either. The only mags we've found that work well in his gun are a 75rd drum (he seriously paid $400 for this drum) and 30rd frankenmags. I think some of his problems stem from him building it himself. He chopped his barrel down to 11 inches and drilled a new gas port in the wrong location, so he's way overgassed. I modified a bolt carrier for him by adding a weight to it and removing the firing pin shroud. He's only put about 400rds through the new carrier, but other than feeding problems, he hasn't had any other issues.

I know another guy that got his kit from JTDistributing and has had nothing but problems. Broken extractors left and right, he's used the original bolt, model1sales bolt, MGI bolt, and ar15performance bolt; none of which have solved the broken extractor problem. I think his chamber is out of spec, but he thinks that buying new bolts is going to fix it, so after he experiments with every x39 bolt on the planet, maybe he'll start looking at other possibilities.

I don't know anyone with the broken bolt lug problem yet. I've heard about it, but haven't seen it first hand.

05-22-2011, 1:52 AM

The main problem with 7.62x39 AR's before were the magazines. Today better 7.62x39 AR magazines are available.

05-22-2011, 7:25 AM
My Bushmaster 7.62x39 upper and Spikes lower combo runs like a sewing machine. Suprisingly accurate and one of my favorites.

I did install the extended firing pin and heavy hammer spring prior to ever taking it out, so those may or may not have played a part in how reliable mine is. I found the heavy spring really made my trigger pull uncomfortably heavy though and I just swapped it out for a Timney. Haven't shot it yet but I'm hoping it still has enough force with the extended firing pin to touch off military primers.

05-31-2011, 8:45 AM
ive had mine for a couple months now and over all im very happy i got it. the main reason why i built mine the way i did was because i was not happy with the rifles i was issued while i was going through the push into faluja iraq. they were 20in. barrels, fixed stocks, and regular fmj 5.56 rounds. not very good for room clearing operations. id say the only nice thing about them was that they issued trijicon acogs and the rifles had quad rails. thats about it. so i decided to build a 16in dpms upper in 7.62x39 with collapsible stock. i also bought some nicer accessories for it too. id say the biggest problem ive had with it is trying to buy calliber specific parts for it. i got really lucky and found someone on here that was selling 30rnd mags but i cant find any mags for a reasonable price anywhere. also the threading on my barrel is 1/2x36 which is really hard to find a muzzle brake with that thread in 7.62x39. i finally found a company that sells thread adaptors for that thread so i now i have the muzzle brake i wanted on there. the only other problem ive had so far is that a couple of my mags tend to catch and not feed right. it doesnt seem to have any problems with extraction or anything it just some times takes an extra bump to chamber the next round. id say the nicest thing about it is the stopping power. i shoot 1/2 in steel targets and my buddies 223 barelly scratches it when mine starts to cut through it! its pretty awesome. and its super loud so mine tends to be kind of a head turner at the range. i highly recommend building one especially if youre not in a rush cuz it took me a while to finish mine but well worth the wait. i attached photos if youre interested

Flintlock Tom
05-31-2011, 8:54 AM
I've had a Bushmaster 7.62x39 using ARStoner 10-round mags for about 6 months. No problems and a real hoot to shoot.
It came from a Bushmaster dealer so I assume it has a Bushmaster BCG.
Shooting Yugo surplus ammo with no complaints and no extractor problems.