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05-19-2011, 3:11 PM
I have the following barrels up for sale/trade . I will describe the barrels for sale as best i can , I have had these barrels for a few years some and some are used and will show the usual frame marks and handling marks but i will do my best to describe them . some have never been fired by me, some are new . The pictures may not be very good but neither is my camera

1) used 10 inch 30 herrett with sights and measures .650 at the muzzle nice blue .usual frame marks and handling $165 this one never fired by me. http://i655.photobucket.com/albums/uu278/Smokin54/SANY0129.jpg

2) SPF 10 inch stainless 38 special match from the custom shop , Measures .805 at the muzzle I got this barrel a few years ago new and fired only 50 rounds through it . sights are missing SPF $200 SPF

3)SPF super 14 45 win mag blue , this barrel i bought new from eds contenders and mounted a scope on it but never fired it , measures .805 at the muzzle . I will include the 100 peices of new brass (missing a few probally) that i bought for it .I have3 removed the scope lost the rear sight but have the original box. SPF $190 SPF

4)This is a blue bullberry .223 barrel with a 1:12 twist that i bought used and have never fired, it is 15 inches long and has the usual marks from the frame and some storage marks , measures .820 at the muzzle . $190

5) stainless Thompson center 30 herrett barrel that measures .705 at the end of the muzzle tamer , This is a 14 inch barrel with a 4 1/8 inch muzzle tamer added to the end for a total of 18 1/8 inches and has a weaver scope base mounted . I bought this as new and never fired it $200

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I'll take the .45 win mag bbl. PM on way.

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