View Full Version : My Registered Assult Weapon. can I trick it out?

12-04-2006, 10:40 PM

12-04-2006, 10:41 PM
Trick it out with whatever you would like. The only thing you can't add is a grenade launcher.


12-04-2006, 10:55 PM
Trick it out with whatever you would like. The only thing you can't add is a grenade launcher.


Are you sure about that? I mean I know adding a grenade launcher would make it a destructive device, but adding a 'grenade' (ie flare) launcher to it wouldn't make it a destructive device as far as I am aware. I'd imagine as long as it was under the limit (was it .60 bore?) and had a dual purpose it should be legal to put on.

As for the weapon itself, you are only bound by federal law. So keep foreign parts away from it (some are ok though), keep the barrel over 16" and the overall over 26" and you should be 100% ok. FYI, the Feds measure with stocks closed, so you could have a 13" rifle when it is folded in half and you would be legal (of course it would be pretty damn hard bending that 16" barrel 3" in...).

12-05-2006, 5:49 AM

I was being a bit terse so I didn't have to spend the paragraph explaining the intricacies of the grenade launcher issue :)


12-05-2006, 6:04 AM
37mm FLARE launchers are go. Min 26" w/ 16" min barrel when fully extended/unfolded. Have at it!

12-05-2006, 7:37 AM
Hi guys Quick qestion, I have a Bushmaster that I got in 1999 and registered it as a AW before the deadline but it was and still is in post ban configutation when I got it. Question is can I know trick it out and put the good stuff on it ie. flash hider, bayo lug, folding stock, forward grip... I don't see why not since as far as CA DOJ is concerned it's an assult weapon anyway. What do you know about this issue???
The easiest way to go, if not the cheapest, is to have someone build you a complete upper to your specs. The upper configuratoins from those days were pretty old-school, with carry handles, few choices for barrels and plastic handguards. Nowadays everyone offers railed uppers and there are many choices for stocks, barrels and railed handguards. Spend some time on ar15.com and you will see what I mean.