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05-16-2011, 5:01 PM
Hey all, I am doing a bit of cleaning and have the following bits and pieces that need new homes and be put to use...

I will take cash,personal checks,MO's, and even dreaded PP BUT I WILL hunt you down if you use gun words and get my account closed---I use it for ebay so PLEASE use terms like 'old car parts, antique hand tools,etc....''

PLEASE post 'Ill take it' HERE....this is what counts...if someone places 'the phrase' here before I answer your PM or questions....sorry..

Now the list-
1- Uncle Mikes 'QD Magazine Cap Super Swivels' kit, Item # 1810-2, for Mossberg 500 12 Ga Shotguns. This kit has the buttstock attaching screw and the QD swivel for it also. New in the beatup blister pack(just found it ,no pic yet) . $12 Shipped

Thank's in advance..:D
2- Brownish red AK bakelite PG with screw but no receiver block... $10 shipped?

3- UTG AK clamp on rail kit,new in box,mounts between gas block and lower HG,actually pretty cool and compact.---- $ 15 shipped

4- Set of 'Kwik-Site' see thru scope rings for 1" scope,made to mount on drilled and tapped receiver, brand new never mounted made for use with iron sights,complete with screws and wrench. $10 shipped

5- Brownells/MMC Front Shotgun Sight kit, new complete with all shims,screws,bladed with ears,for 12 ga shotgun...retail is like $50 bucks....how about .....$30 shipped?

6- 2 x AK std gas pistons, both very nice,threads great, $10 each shipped or $15 for both.----- How about $10 shipped for both??

7- 2 Inch BHO ,the MANUAL type-NO PINS to 'auto lock open. 1 is a blackish finish and 1 is a sort of 'plum brownish red' color. Neither look to have been refinished. They are both in real nice shape,feet are the type where they are 'crimped' at the base around the spring retainer pin. On the bottom of the feet they each have a 'D', '>'-arrow, and a 'C' .
So again I have 2 BHO's available... uhh/hmm......$20 each shipped-?

8-nice metric carrier with no rattail and no markings except #232855 along the top. Non sandcut,not refinished- $15.00 shipped

9- Set of Metric Fiberglass HG's that have been previously blasted and metal reparked..metal a little rough texture. I cut these to try to make a set for a short gas beater barrel assy I bought converted...I decided to use Aussie wood to mod. These fiber HG's are 8-3/8" long OAL and they are NOT glassed or finished,they are cut-see pic.. come with a hg screw.
Asking $20 shipped??

PM for pics on FAL stuff, will attach later

05-16-2011, 5:02 PM
FAL bits attached pic..

05-20-2011, 7:18 PM